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Engaging Teams, Leaders & Organizations in Reaching Their Full Potential

CYNDER NIEMELA, MA, MBA leads a coaching and e-learning firm specializing in Leadership and Team Development and Culture Management in a myriad of public and private industries worldwide.

Recognized by Fortune Magazine as a pioneer in executive and team coaching by Ernst &Young …

I bring a culturally rich perspective and approach to my consulting and coaching

I grew up and worked in the Middle East. During this time, I traveled to more than 100 countries and lived in 7 countries. My approach to consulting and coaching leverages the diversity of experience, talents, and cultures that are often under-appreciated or unknown in every leader, team, and organization.

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Purpose & Passion: Employee fulfillment and engagement is key to developing and strengthening a company’s winning culture and creating a world-class organization. Personal fulfillment drives value and results from within and also plays an integral role in delivering outstanding results and value for a company’s culture and stakeholders.

Check future blogs for more on how my travels influence my approach to work and life.

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