Consultant Cynder Niemela

Cynder Niemela in Fortune Magazine

Cynder Niemela in Fortune Magazine

Forward-thinking CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs have big plans for growing their companies. However, chaos has taken over – things are falling through the cracks, deadlines are missed and, most of all, customers are unhappy.

CYNDER NIEMELA leads a strategic management-consulting firm that collaborates with her clients to build cohesive, resilient and sustainable cultures; freeing leaders to create the future they envisioned.

Unlike high-priced consultants and coaches who just sell a one-size-fits-all program in a naive attempt to fix complex and chaotic environments, we work within the culture to align the company’s values, business strategies and employee behaviors.

Recognized by Fortune Magazine as an expert in assisting global leaders and business owners achieve breakthrough results and profitability, Cynder Niemela collaborates with her clients to leverage the potential of their people, brand, culture, and vision for sustainable results.

We get you back in the game, thinking creatively about growing your company and just plain having fun again.