Leadership Skills Training

Leadership Skills Training

Leadership Skills Training: A Collaborative Model for the Small Business

Take your company to the next level

Business owners, entrepreneurs and managers want to build high performance cultures, but most are unsure of how to begin. Cynder Niemela empowers them through a collaborative learning model.

In small groups, participants learn and develop a combination of skills required of their roles to advance their company cultures. In collaborative learning groups, leaders learn by applying the lessons within their companies and they learn from each other. Recent topics covered include:

  • Leading the 21st Century Small Business
  • Gaining Competitive Advantage with Shared Leadership Teams
  • Delegating for Business Success
  • Setting, Managing and Achieving Organizational Goals
  • Blue Belt Leadership: Align your business strategy with your leadership values and strengths
  • Leading High Impact Teams
  • Create Innovation By Thinking Differently About your Business
  • Build Social Networks through Influence and Collaboration
  • How to Manage Conflict in the Organization
  • Planning and Leading Change
  • Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Managers, and
  • Personal Strategies for Managing Success

Unlike university leadership programs built on theory alone, Cynder Niemela developed the leadership and management programs on our 25 years of developing and coaching high impact leaders within the best workplace cultures.

Forward-thinking CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs have big plans for growing their companies. However, chaos has taken over – things are falling through the cracks, deadlines are missed and, most of all, customers are unhappy.

CYNDER NIEMELA leads a strategic management-consulting firm that partners with you to build a cohesive, resilient and sustainable culture, freeing you to create the future you envisioned.