Leadership Skills Development – Client Success Story

Leadership Skills Development – Client Success Story

The Engagement – Entrepreneur to CEO

A newly promoted entrepreneur contacted us after the owner of the start-up sold her company to a holding company in the advertising industry.  The learning curve for this newly appointed CEO was unexpectedly steep, as he had no experience managing in a Fortune 500 company.

“I first admired Cynder’s skills in organizational development and coaching during the early years of the coaching industry’s maturing, when she articulated sound practices and educated client organizations in ways to be efficient, effective and human. During the engagement, she navigated a complex structure with sensitivity, and helped the relatively young company build greater capacity by securing, retaining and developing the talent necessary to their growth. She is a deep listener, with a fine ability to see and call forth the potential in talented people.” –Global Leadership Coach & Executive Development Expert

“Perhaps it’s the same reason that Tiger Woods needs a coach, or Pete Sampras needs a coach. Tiger Woods would say I know how to play golf, but his coach is probably the most important person in his life”. –Barry Mabry- Ernst & Young Partner Fortune Magazine

“Coaching has helped me to recognize that I have choices and has taught me how to take responsibility for those choices.  My coach helps me to see challenges in a different way.  Now I view challenges as exciting opportunities!”  –District Manager, Manufacturing Company