First Aid For Teams

First Aid For Teams

How does your team rate compared with the high performing teams at, Disney, SAS, Ernst & Young, HP or Boeing?

By utilizing our time-tested teaming program and tools, these teams created breakthrough products and campaigns that catapulted their companies out in front of the competition for years.

High performing teams have characteristics in common. For one, members of the team are willing to make positive change to make the team work better – and, members enjoy the challenges and the successes the high impact journey requires.

The purpose of the First Aid for Teams survey is for you to see how you think your team measures up against a high performing team. Send the link to your team members and you will have a partial scorecard of your team’s strengths and opportunities for development.

You and your team can use this information to create team development actions that will catapult your team in meeting its potential.

By taking our First Aid for Teams survey, I will email the following to you within one week:

  1. Your Team Scorecard with strengths and weaknesses identified
  2. The 20 Practices of High Impact Teams
  3. Coaching Strategies for Developing High Impact Teams, and
  4. Dos and Don’ts for Team Leaders


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Recognized by Fortune Magazine as an expert in consulting with leaders and teams through transformation, Cynder Niemela works collaboratively to leverage the potential of an organization’s people, brand, culture, and vision to inspire and align their business and talent strategies for continuous improvement and sustainable results.