Client Successes

Forward-thinking CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs have big plans for growing their companies.

However, chaos takes over – things fall through the cracks, deadlines are missed and, most of all, customers are unhappy. A sample list of client engagements resulting in measurable …

improvements in effectiveness, employee engagement, job satisfaction, retention and bottom-line performance include:

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Provided overall strategic leadership development and coaching to the division …

Cynder’s creativity and strategic vision moved the organization to the next level and helped solidify a strong HR infrastructure …” -HR Director, Vanguard


leadership skills development Leadership Skills Development

Entrepreneur to CEO: The learning curve for this newly appointed CEO was unexpectedly steep, as he had no experience managing …

Perhaps it’s the same reason that Tiger Woods needs a coach …” Partner, Ernst & Young 


change-postChange Management

Led the Culture Transformation of three airplane programs to a team-based system

Entrepreneurial Culture Threatened: After merging with a large, successful company in the entertainment industry, the CEO hired us to assist with the post-merger integration

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